2014-10-28_1252You’ve probably seen her latte art before. The talented Barista Katelyn Jamison creates all kind of unique coffee art for eggtc. customers every day she’s on the clock. And she loves it!

She recently had the pleasure of creating a Royals latte for Royals left fielder #7 Josh Willingham and his wife, Ginger. The whole family was in this morning while Willingham fueled up for Game 6 at the K. Ginger even shared her coffee art on Instagram, where wife of Billy Butler, Katie, commented “That’s our favorite place!”

Just when Katelyn thought the Willingham’s had headed out, Ginger reappeared and surprised Katelyn with tickets for the game! Katelyn was thrilled, as well as the entire staff at eggtc.!

We love helping the Royals enjoy delicious and nutritious meals before their big games – stop in today and see what all the hype’s about at eggtc.!

Update: Katelyn shared some pics with us from her big night at the K!

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