IMG_20141030_115747Rob Waldrop, II

Favorite breakfast? Green Eggs and Ham

I go when to eggtc. when …? Any time you’re open

I like my eggs …. ? Over easy

Waffles or pancakes? No

For work I: Am retired

But what I’d really like to do is: Ride my motor bike

I tell people my favorite movie is: Bullet

But it’s actually: Steamboat Willy

I like my coffee: Black

TV guilty pleasure: NCIS

Hometown: KC

Neighborhood: Shawnee

I go to breakfast with: Friends

My dream breakfast companion is …? A STEAK WITH EGGS AND REAL HASHBROWNS!!!

Favorite eggtc. server? The whole crew!!

Nobody knows I: Am a nice person!! With exotic cars!!

Why eggtc.? Great food and COFFEE!