Art On Our Walls

We carefully curated our ongoing exchange of fine art and photography for your early day viewing pleasure (or at least we like them!) Here’s a little more about our featured artists and their work:

Fireworks Art

Eugenia Ortiz

“Eugenia Ortiz enjoys exploring emotions and life experiences through the use of color and texture in her sculptures and mixed media paintings. She creates some of her works using silk, cotton, paper, eggshells and other natural fibers. Originally from Los Angeles, Eugenia has resided in Kansas City since 1995. She’s a multi-talented artist that continues to grow and integrate her background in metalsmithing, sculpture, textiles, paint as well as experimenting with new techniques and natural textures.” Her pieces at eggtc. feature eggshells combined with paint and wood.

 William RaineyWilliam Rainey Eggtc

“The process of abstract art does not translate easily to words. I am not as comfortable talking about my art as I am in making it. I listen to jazz when I paint. Jazz is an improvisation on a theme, a blend of elements in the space of time. My art is like that. My paintings always begin with drawing nonobjective shapes, the use of line to define area and to push the limits of real and abstract. I can’t imagine painting something exactly as it is. That’s what a camera is for. For me, color and my own emotions play the themes, blending the elements in the space of the canvas.
I require nothing special of the observer…Each viewer may see and feel what they see and feel, and play their own themes and improvisations…That way we can both be surprised.”

Dewey Champan EggtcDewey Chapman

“The mission here goes way beyond photography. We’re here to change perspective. Sometimes that requires a nudge. Other times it’s plate tectonics and you’re going to want to hold on to something. Whichever approach we take, my ambition in every project is affect change — to be the hammer that shapes reality. After all, photograph is a verb. That means action. I’ve been lucky to enjoy quite a bit of action all over the United States and Europe. I like to change my own perspective, and that’s all about
collaborating well with human beings. ”

Steven YazzieSteven Yazzie Eggtc

“I work in painting, sculpture, film/video, and installation environments.  My ancestry, Navajo (Dine’), Laguna, and European, play a fundamental role in the postcolonial subtext embedded in the narratives of my work.  I use specific geographies within the southwest region of the United States as points of reference in framing metaphors of cultural conditions about place, specifically land as a source of identity, conflict, and explicit resource.”


Lucinda Pattin EggtcLucinda Pattin

Lucinda is a Missouri-born artist focused in painting. Her first solo exhibition was at the Heartland Theater of the Crown Center in Kansas City.

May 21, 2024

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