We were thrilled to have the Royals’ Billy Butler stop in for breakfast recently! 

He shared his morning cup with this Twitter fans, noting eggtc. as his “favorite spot” and asking fans “how do you pregame?” and even autographed the KC Star’s insert featuring himself on the field. 2014-10-23_0914

Butler was pumped up to #TakeTheCrown – and eggtc. customers broke into a familiar chant while Billy was in: “Let’s Go Royals!” The KC Star mentions Butler’s visit in an article that’s all about connecting with fans in KC.

We’re humbled and honored to have such a great athlete visit us, let alone name us his favorite! To celebrate, for a limited time we are serving up the “Country Breakfast” Casserole! A hearty casserole filled with sausage and cheddar, with sourdough bread crumbs and white gravy. Ask your server for this awesome special!

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 7.24.32 AM

Fuel up like a champion this morning at eggtc.!