Alexis ProvenghiIMG95201309229511584195701

1. Favorite Breakfast? Potato skillet with apples, bacon and mozzarella

2. I like to go to Eggtc. when…? I have a free morning

3. I like my eggs…? Scrambled

4. Waffles or pancakes? Um… yes

5. For work I: Am a behavioral therapist for children with Autism

6. But what I’d really like to do is: Be a neuroscientist

7. I tell people my favorite movie is: Labyrinth

8. But it’s actually: Sleepless in Seattle

9. I like my coffee: Au Lait

10. TV guilty pleasure: Doctor Who and Golden Girls!

11. Hometown: El Paso, TX

12. Neighborhood: Plaza

13. I go to breakfast  with: Myself or with friends

14. My breakfast dream companion is: Audrey Hepburn

15. Favorite eggtc. server: It’s a 3-way tie with Tess, Katelyn and Greg

16. Nobody knows I: Collect porcelain dolls

17. Why eggtc.? Best breakfast place in town and the amazing staff