Have you tried our cinnamon rolls?

Among the many menu offerings at eggtc. you can always get fresh muffins and other sweet pastries, but among those be sure to try a cinnamon roll. We must give credit to our friends at Dolce Baking Company for providing us with delicious cinnamon rolls for our patrons! With just the right amount of sweet spice, soft dough and the perfect glaze, these treats leave our guest asking for more!

Did we mention that one of Dolce’s cinammon roll experts happens to be a former eggtc. staffer? It’s true: Ms. Sarah Thurman takes the cake – er, roll, for whipping up our cinnamon creations! Be sure to try one on your next visit, or take one to go!

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Dolce also happens to offer cinnamon roll rings if you’re serious about these breakfast masterpieces! Check out the other goodies Dolce Baking companies has to offer by clicking here.