Season Burnett IMG95201308319513315995071

1. Favorite Breakfast? Eggs Benedict Florentine and bacon
2. I like to go to Eggtc. when…? Weekday mornings
3. I like my eggs…? Over medium
4. Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes – blueberry pancakes!
5. For work I: Serve at the Farmhouse and host EcoRadio KC on KKFI
6. But what I’d really like to do is: Be a homesteading “gentlewoman farmer”
7. I tell people my favorite movie is: I can’t answer this. It’s like picking a favorite color – depends on my mood, etc. (cop out!)
8. But it’s actually: See above
9. I like my coffee: Black
10. TV guilty pleasure: (no guilt) Dr. Who
11. Hometown: I grew up in Wichita, but have been in KC long enough that I call this my home town – More my style.
12. Neighborhood: Brookside
13. I go to breakfast  with: Myself
14. My breakfast dream companion is: Um… I prefer to have company at other meals – I’m not awake enough at breakfast!
15. Favorite eggtc. server: Greg I suppose, by frequency, but everyone’s great.
16. Nobody knows I: If I tell you, nobody will NOT know!
17. Why eggtc.? Because it’s close to my house, it’s a great place filled with fun staff, nice fellow patrons and good conversations – and the food is good!