We recently received a very nice note from one of our regular customers and wanted to share!

IMG954669“My KC Breakfast” – by Mike Calwell

I occasionally find myself alone on a Sunday morning and since I enjoy a good breakfast and friendly people, I go to my favorite restaurant on Main, just south of the Plaza. I always find a good parking place and alone I sit at the bar for quick and friendly service.

The head waitress looks at me without prompting and says, “Large mocha, no whip cream, right?” I nod a yes and give her my food order. She wastes no time in placing the order and within three minutes this in-house “mocha artist” presents my coffee with a special message written on top and a picture that delights those around me.

All the staff and the kitchen folks have a great attitude, which is clearly shared. The mocha artist creates a work of art for every occasion. During the World Series a Royals emblem garnishes the froth. St. Pddy’s day must be her favorite event but her best work so far is the Christmas Santa Claus. This Irish lass with green hair isn’t hard to spot. She loves her work. Well… who wouldn’t?

Thank you, Mike, for sharing your experience with us! The barista featured in this story is our own Katelyn.