Shawnee Great Eggs

New Great Eggs on Midland – Mark & Taylor Young!

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Favorite breakfast? The Special Breakfast Enchilada’s

We go to eggtc. when..? All the time

We like our eggs … ? On our enchilada OR scrambled

Mark & Taylor Young – Great Eggs

Waffles or pancakes? Waffles

For work we: Railroad / Cosmetologist

But what we’d really like to do is: Be stay-at-home parents

We tell people our favorite movie is: Pitch Perfect

But it’s actually: Fast and Furious

TV guilty pleasure: Live PD

Hometown: KCMO/Lenexa

Neighborhood: Everywhere

We go to breakfast with: Each other and now our new daughter Payton

Our dream breakfast companions are…? Each other

Favorite eggtc. server? All of the them

Nobody knows we…? Are ninjas

Why eggtc.? Because of Angela!