What’s better than getting surprised? Getting surprised with free food! The customers of eggtc. and sister restaurant Minsky’s had the pleasure of getting just that – FREE FOOD! KCTV5 Surprise Squad made a visit to the restaurants to brighten the day of several lucky customers.

KCTV5 anchor – Ellen McNamara – surprised various tables by picking up their tab. The customers’ reactions were exactly why “paying it forward” is so special! Ellen surprised one particular gentleman who was there with friends celebrating his birthday. “I’m turning red, my face is heating up and I’m really not embarrassed,” said the “birthday boy” after he found out the entire tab was being picked up.

A table of two women was next on the list for the Surprise Squad. They’d been best friends for 50 years and were celebrating a special day in Kansas City! They decided to indulge in KC’s best brunch – eggtc. – before making a move to Springfield, Missouri.

Who doesn’t deserve an occasional surprise in their life – that’s exactly what KCTV5 Surprise Squad is all about! Kenneth Kantner, Minsky’s General Manager, said, “We think it was a wonderful thing to pay it forward. It’s been going on for years at a lot of places and we thought it would be a lot of fun to do it with our customers here.”

There were endless smiles for everyone involved, proving that the smallest gestures make the biggest impact!