Eggtc. is Kansas City’s favorite breakfast and brunch place; we all know that!

Some customers are so delighted that they just can’t hide it! Jake Chambers, a recent eggtc. customer, was so thrilled with his eggtc. cuisine that we decided to share his five star review with everyone else.

Jake writes:

“Excellent brunch with something I’ve never had before: chorizo gravy. How did I not know that chorizo gravy was a thing? They put chorizo gravy on biscuits and a southwest benny. I ordered a side of chorizo gravy and dipped everything in it.

“Chorizo gravy is creamy, smoky and good. I would eat chorizo gravy with a spoon. Chorizo gravy also belongs on the breakfast burrito. The only thing I did not put chorizo gravy on was a blueberry empanada.”

“Blueberry empanadas don’t need help from chorizo gravy, but I’m certain they are friends. Blueberry empanadas are very good. Chorizo gravy is very good. Breakfast and brunch at eggtc. are very good.”

“The only problem is that you cannot purchase a jug of chorizo gravy to go. Then again, I did not ask. I will have to go back and ask if they sell chorizo gravy by the jug. I will also eat another blueberry empanada while I wait.”

We couldn’t be happier that Jake experienced such exhilaration during his brunch and decided to share his delight with the rest of us. Whether you’re after the highly rated chorizo gravy, craving a blueberry empanada, or searching for the perfect brunch place, you’ve found it – at eggtc. Check out our other delicious menu options like the Crepe Cena or a healthier option like The Finish Line and the Very Berry Smoothie.

Need your chorizo gravy fix? Our South Plaza location is currently open for Curbside and Delivery services. Just give us a call or order through the Postmates app!