Don and Sharen DiegelmanFavorite breakfast? Sharen: breakfast tacos; Don: eggs benedict (deconstructed)

I go to eggtc. when…? Most every weekday morning

I like my eggs: Don: scrambled well; Sharen: I really don’t like eggs

Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes

For work I: Don: retired high school teacher; Sharen: retired legal secretary

But what I’d really like to do is: Travel more

I tell people my favorite movie is: Gone with the Wind, Big Country, An Affair to Remember

But it’s actually: Gone with the Wind, Big Country, An Affair to Remember

I like my coffee: Sharen: almond joy latte (Angela makes the best); Don: doesn’t like coffee

TV guilty pleasure: Big Bang Theory

Hometown: Prairie Village

Neighborhood: Corinth Hills

I go to breakfast with: My spouse

My dream breakfast companion is…? Sharen: George Bush; Don: Dana Perino

Favorite eggtc. server? Angela, Crystal, Jen, and Sparkles

Nobody knows I: We hate political correctness.

Why eggtc.? Why not? It’s the best!