IMG_20141124_101356861Favorite breakfast? Corned Beef Hash

I go when to eggtc. when …? I wake up hungry

I like my eggs …. ? Over easy

Waffles or pancakes? Cakes

For work I: Am a Clinical Laboratory Scientist

But what I’d really like to do is: Retire!

I tell people my favorite movie is: Can’t pick just one!

But it’s actually: See above

I like my coffee: Hazelnut Soy Latte

TV guilty pleasure: NCIS

Hometown: St. Joe

Neighborhood: South Plaza

I go to breakfast with: Greg and the crew at eggtc.

My dream breakfast companion is …? Tony G. GO CHIEFS!

Favorite eggtc. server? Like my kids, can’t pick just one!

Nobody knows I: I’m pretty transparent

Why eggtc.? Close to home. Food is great and service is fantastic!