Online Ordering – Now Live at eggtc. !!!

Avocado Toast and Eggs Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and now you can order all your favorite eggtc. items online! For the first time ever, online ordering is available directly through our site for both the South Plaza and the Shawnee eggtc. locations.

Order now, and we’ll have it ready, pronto! Or order for later, and set the pickup time for whenever you’d like – and enjoy your favorite breakfast, brunch, and lunch items from the comfort of your home or office! Headed to work? Order online and pick up your breakfast and coffee on the way! Working from home? Place your order and take a mini- break to pick up one of our finest and freshest lunch favorites lickety-split. For a relaxed Saturday or Sunday morning, make breakfast in bed easier by ordering online and picking up eggtc. to go!

Your turn to feed the crew? The eggtc. menu has a little something for everyone and online ordering makes it super-simple. Even better, all of your eggtc. favorites are available online at the same prices you’d find dining in!

How it worksLatte

Online ordering is as simple as making eggs and toast – well, it’s actually even easier than that.

First, select the location you’d like to order from (South Plaza or Shawnee). Then, conveniently order all your breakfast, brunch, or lunch favorites from the online eggtc. menu, select a time, and pick them up when you’re ready! When you arrive, just skip the line! Approach the bar and ask for your takeout order. Breakfast is served!

Does thinking of our Salmon Crepes or the delicious Southwest Benny make you hungry? How about our savory Mediterranean Street Tacos? Whatever you’re craving, brunch is just an online order away!

Start your online order now!

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