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Eggtc. Delivers to Your Doorstep!

By April 28, 2014 No Comments

Crepe DolceIt’s the perfect spring weekend morning. You’re up early, sitting on the deck, reading the paper. Except… you’re hungry – for eggtc. And a latte, maybe some juice. Flip a coin – is it going to be you or your better half to make the eggtc. run?

Why not make a call instead – Our South Plaza location will deliver your favorites directly to your home!

Select from our classic breakfast and brunch dishes, like the Eggs Benedict, Athena’s Omelet, or maybe a Crepe! We’ll also deliver lunch, so the Turkey Burger and our Mango Salad await! No matter what you love on our menu, we’ll make your day great by delivering!

It was a long week, and you deserve to indulge in delicious eggtc. creations – all while still in your pajamas.

Call us today for delivery! 561-0116

Delivery Hours: 8AM to Close M-F, 10AM to Close, Sat. & Sun.