IMG95201402079513223395585We often hear our guests ooh and ahh over the specials board at the South Plaza location, and are asked who makes the board look so creative. The answer is: Our very own Janelle Day!

Here’s a little Q & A about Janelle to enjoy with your morning coffee:

1) How and when did you come to work at eggtc.?

I came to Eggtc. through Cassie Absher. We had previously worked together at Whole Foods Market.

2) Tell us a little about your painting degree and background.

After bouncing around from a number of colleges including the Kansas City Art Institute, I finally received my bachelors degree in painting from Olivet Nazarene Universtity. I come from a family of amazing artists including my dad, uncles, grandpa and brother. I’m lucky that my dad is so amazingly talented and I’ve always had him to look to for artistic advice and technique.

3) When did you create your first specials board?

The thing about the service industry is that you are bound to work with a number of other creative people. Eggtc. is almost an exaggerated version of the creative restaurant cliche. We get to work with a number of talented, creative minds including musicians, actors, poets, dancers and visual artists. I’m gushing. Can you tell I kind of love these people? Anyway, I cannot recall the very first board I worked on because a number of us worked on it here and there. It was maybe a year ago or so when I had a vision for a new design that would take a little time, and I asked the bossman if I could take it home and work on it. He kindly obliged my request, and it just seemed to organically take off from there.

4) Have you taken any special typography courses or is it all freehand?

I’ve not taken any typography courses, but I did get lots of practice in font analysis in order to successfully forge my mom’s signature for school. My only tool is a ruler, and in special cases something round to make more accurate circles.

665) What is your favorite breakfast at eggtc.?

I love breakfast and because I love it so much there is no way to pick a favorite. I will allow that I eat the florentine eggs benedict with a waffle (with three scoops of butter) most often. Ok, so maybe butter is my favorite breakfast, and there is just a lot of breakfast food that is perfect as a butter vehicle.

We hope you enjoy Janelle’s creativity (and our specials) just as much as we do!
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See you soon!