The biggest day in football is this Sunday, the named-by-local-football-legend-Lamar-Hunt Super Bowl. When we think of the Super Bowl a few things beyond the gridiron come to mind – zany commercials, halftime show wardrobe and music malfunctions and of course, the food!

Super Sunday often gives us the perfect excuse to make a day long meal of notably unhealthy, often excessive amounts of chip, sauces, dips, and other notoriously calorie-loaded snacks. And then after, on Monday, the regret sets in.

Familiar? It doesn’t have to be when your friends at eggtc. step in and lend a hand. Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and even more so on a big day like Super Bowl SunRancheroday. What you need to prepare for an evening of salty-sweet buffet table excess is a stable culinary base. May we humbly suggest eggtc.? For years pro football fans have found eggtc. to be the perfect setting to build a stable yet tasty foundation for no-holds-barred game day celebrations!

Start your morning with a Ranchero Omelet –  filled with cheddar, chorizo and black beans, topped with sour cream, mango salsa and cilantro, and guaranteed to keep you fully fueled until kickoff. Looking for a sweeter option? Try our delicious Banatella French Toast – sliced bananas and Nutella hazelnut-spread sandwiched between two slices of made-just-right sourdough French Toast. Topped with chocolate sauce and powdered cinnamon sugar! Yes, chocolate sauce and cinnamon sugar!

From eggs and omelettes made just the way you like them, to fresh Parisi coffees and lattes, to fruit smoothies, parfaits, and breakfast sandwiches galore – or even Bloody Marys and other adult beverages, nobody jump-starts your Super Football Sunday like eggtc.

Please, don’t hit that Big-Time, Big-Game buffet table of mini-dogs, cheese-product-y dips, and every size, shape, flavor and color of chip known to man without a tasteful base. Start your day at eggtc., serving up the real Breakfast of Champions on Super Sunday and every other Super-Duper day – prepared with loving care by the breakfast, brunch and lunch pros at eggtc.

And don’t forget, we have two convenient locations to serve you – South Plaza and Shawnee – both open at 6:30AM.