Attention health enthusiasts and coffee lovers – this one’s for you! eggtc. is now offering a delicious new beverage that is perfect for those who are looking for high nutritional value with a low impact on the environment. If you’re gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, or just plain don’t care for milk from a cow, Oatly Milk might be for you – and it’s now available at eggtc.!

What is “Oatly”? Glad you asked! Back in the 1990’s, a group of Swedish scientists wanted to create a plant-based drink that was environmentally friendly and accommodated the needs of those who don’t (or can’t) drink milk. After much Swedish tasting and testing, Oatly was born!

Oatly is made exclusively from gluten-free oats – and tastes delicious in your coffee! Curious? We suggest you visit eggtc. soon! Just ask one of our baristas (or as we now like to call them, “oat-milk ambassadors”), to brew you up something special with this healthy and enjoyable milk alternative!

According to Oatly’s website, “We know how it sounds tall, blond, beautiful, hard to get, extremely liberal with no sense of attachment or responsibility whatsoever. Sorry to disappoint you, that’s just not us.”

Once you give Oatly a try, we think you’ll love making it a regular addition to your favorite eggtc. coffee! Available for breakfast, brunch – or why not with lunch? – Oatly Milk is sure to please even the pickiest of coffee-drinking palates!

Available at both South Plaza & Midland Drive eggtc. locations.