Favorite breakfast? Spicy Italian Omelet

I go to eggtc. when…? I’m hungry!

I like my eggs…? Over easy or in an omelet

Judy Rea – Great Egg on Main

Waffles or pancakes? Neither…too many carbs

For work I: Sell real estate and manage property

I tell people my favorite movie is: Mamma Mia

But it’s actually: Any “feel-good” movie

I like my coffee: With cream and Splenda

TV guilty pleasure: Blue Bloods and NCIS

Hometown: Independence, MO

Neighborhood: Brookside

I go to breakfast with: Loren, my soul mate

My dream breakfast companion is…? See answer above

Favorite eggtc. server? I love them all!

Nobody knows I: …have a bawdy sense of humor

Why eggtc.? I feel at home there and I love their menu.