At eggtc. our guests aren’t just good eggs, they’re Great Eggs!

If you’re an eggtc. regular, you know first-hand how we enjoy getting to know all of our brunch patrons. We also like to ask our breakfast visitors to fill out a fun little questionnaire – that way we can share our delightful guests with everyone! Today we are introducing our newest Great Egg on Main.

Meet Jimmy Connell

Favorite breakfast?  Breakfast Tacos.

Great Egg on Main Jimmy Connell

Great Egg on Main, Jimmy Connell

When I go to eggtc.?  Whenever they let me in the door.

I like my eggs:  Huevos Muy Hard

Waffles or pancakes?  Pancakes

For work I:  Make the world better.

But what I’d really like to do is:  Work at eggtc.

I tell people my favorite movie is:  Wedding Crashers

But it’s actually:  The Breakfast Club

I like my coffee:  Dark

TV guilty pleasure:  Vodka

Hometown:  Kansas City, MO

Neighborhood:  South Plaza

I go to breakfast with: Everyone at the eggtc. bar.

My dream breakfast companion: Reese Witherspoon

Favorite eggtc server? Gabby, or anyone besides Hop Along (Greg)!

Nobody knows I: Sing professionally.

Why eggtc.? Great attitudes!

Nominate a “Great Egg”! Let us know your favorite Egg who dines regularly at eggtc. and tell us why they’re not just a “good egg” – they’re a Great Egg! Contact your server at either location to nominate someone today!