That’s right, it’s now only $2 to have your eggtc. favorites delivered directly from our kitchen to your front door – now with our own drivers! No more 3rd party delivery markup fees (often 25%) when you order directly from eggtc.!

Starting Saturday, September 19, eggtc. now personally delivers your order when you order online from eggtc’s. own online ordering site. No more waiting on third-party middlemen, no more third-party premium pricing and no more excessive third-party delivery fees. When you order direct from eggtc., your delivery charge is just two dollars!

Can’t stop thinking about eggtc.’s Southwestern Benny or our delicious Sunrise Sandwich? Or maybe our Salmon and Goat Cheese Crepe is your craving – not to mention lunch favorites like our Mediterranean Street Tacos or our Avocado Mango Salad! Did we mention we also deliver our delicious coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, fresh juices and more? That’s right, all your favorite breakfast, brunch and lunch items are available and ready for our drivers to roll them fresh from our door to yours (for a fraction of the cost third party services charge!).

How to Order Online for $2 Delivery:

Ready for an eggtc. delivery? Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit and choose the location you’d like to order from: South Plaza or Shawnee.
  2. Once on your location’s menu page, select “Delivery” (instead of Pick-Up).
  3. Choose a menu: Breakfast, Lunch or Beverages.
  4. Pick your items and add to Cart, then click Checkout.
  5. Fill out payment and delivery information and you’re all set!
  6. Relax and savor eggtc. culinary perfection!

Consider the possibilities: Wouldn’t breakfast in bed be even better with home delivery from eggtc.? And lunch at the office (or home office!) would certainly taste even better with a $2 delivery from eggtc.!

Whatever enticing breakfast, brunch or lunch items you crave, eggtc. has the freshest and the finest available 7-days a week – now delivered by our drivers directly to your door, for less than you pay third party delivery services!

Start your online delivery (or take out) order below!