Favorite breakfast? 3 Egg “Laurie Special” omelet

I go to eggtc. when…? About 3 mornings a week

I like my eggs….? With 2 Jacks, Cheddar & Italian Sausage

Waffles or pancakes? Never – omelet is too good

For work I’m: Retired (former principal at Shanwee Mission West & Blue Valley West)

But what I’d really like to do is: Travel, sports & grand kids

I tell people my favorite movie is: Gone with the Wind

But it’s actually: Field of Dreams

I like my coffee: Black & Hot

TV guilty pleasure: Netflix

Hometown: Atchison, KS & Connie: Marshall, MO

Neighborhood: Overland Park

I go to breakfast with: Spouse

My dream breakfast companion is…? Spouse (not stupid) – my wife says Lorenzo

Favorite eggtc. server? Tiffany, Sparkle & Lorenzo

Nobody knows we: Support our President

Why eggtc.? Always friendly, excellent service & food