20140215_092829-1Favorite breakfast? The Classico with a WAFFLE & PEANUT BUTTER!!!

I go when to eggtc. when …? Every Saturday , Snow days, and VACATION DAYS

I like my eggs …. ? Over Easy

Waffles or pancakes? Waffles with peanut butter

For work I: Technical Engagement leader for Cerner Corp.

But what I’d really like to do is: Open a Distillery

I tell people my favorite movie is: Dumb and Dumber

But it’s actually: Cable Guy

I like my coffee: Black

TV guilty pleasure: Disney Channel

Hometown: Stillwell, Kansas

Neighborhood: Blue Valley

I go to breakfast with: Kyle and friends

My dream breakfast companion is …? Jim Carrey or Matthew Broderick

Favorite eggtc. server? I can’t tell. who will feed me if she is not there???

Nobody knows I: Tailgate out of the back of my Jeep!

Why eggtc.? Everyone knows my name