Aldous Rothganger photo

Favorite breakfast? 1/16 of a pancake

I go when to eggtc. when …? Daddy doesn’t want to “cook”

I like my eggs …. ? To make baby chickens. IE no thank you!

Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes

For work I: Throw everything in low drawers on the floor

But what I’d really like to do is: Throw everything in upper cabinets on the floor!

I tell people my favorite movie is: Muppets in Outer Space

But it’s actually: Frozen

I like my coffee: With 8 oz. of formula and 1 oz. of prune juice (on hard days)

TV guilty pleasure: Cops

Hometown: Weston

Neighborhood: Rural route 1

I go to breakfast with: Daddy

My dream breakfast companion is …? Thomas the train!

Favorite eggtc. server? Julie – AKA Mommy

Nobody knows I: Will take over the world! And you will all be my puppets!

Why eggtc.? For the delicious food, attention to detail and the lovely staff!