At eggtc. our guests aren’t just good eggs, they’re Great Eggs!

If you’re an eggtc. regular, you know firsthand how we enjoy getting to know all of our brunch patrons. We also like to ask our breakfast visitors to fill out a fun little questionnaire – that way we can share our delightful guests with everyone!

Favorite breakfast? Salmon Omelet

I go to eggtc. when…? (almost) every day

I like my eggs….? Scrambled

Waffles or pancakes? Neither, unless I’m really, really hungry!

For work I: Am a Software Developer

But what I’d really like to do is: Be a Physicist

I tell people my favorite movie is: Dances With Wolves

But it’s actually: Dances With Wolves

I like my coffee: With cream

TV guilty pleasure: Mostly historically based movies

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Neighborhood: Brookside

I go to breakfast with: Usually myself

My dream breakfast companion is…? I enjoy getting breakfast with friends and co-workers!

Favorite eggtc. server? Greg

Nobody knows I: Play Classical Guitar

Why eggtc.? Great servers and atmosphere – Just a good vibe!