At eggtc. our guests aren’t just good eggs, they’re Great Eggs!

If you’re an eggtc. regular, you know firsthand how we enjoy getting to know all of our brunch patrons. We also like to ask our breakfast visitors to fill out a fun little questionnaire – that way we can share our delightful guests with everyone!

Today’s Great Egg is Kenyetta! With a background in criminal justice and a passion for good cooking, Kenyetta is a conversation you don’t want to miss. Keep reading to learn about her experience dining at eggtc., her many talents, and (of course!) her answers to the familiar eggtc. Great Egg questionnaire.

Meet Kenyetta!

This kind-hearted conversationalist first visited eggtc. with her friend and fellow restaurant-hopper Moseby, who told her “I’ve got this great place!” He introduced her to eggtc. staff Greg and Gabby – and Kenyetta loved the place so much she started going without him!

Now a well-loved eggtc. regular, Kenyetta graduated with her degree in criminal justice and went to work in the social service field. She described the experience as a “social services umbrella,” under which many duties overlap. Kenyetta spent time as a probation and parole officer and a paralegal; she has also worked for a domestic violence shelter that is near and dear to her heart.

“I have a love for people,” Kenyetta commented. “I just love my community and work within it to give back, working through agencies to make it better. I do have a love for Kansas City…this is my home.”

Kenyetta and boyfriend Charles enjoying their time at eggtc.

Kenyetta has two children: one son and a daughter, and also “a fantastic, wonderful, most handsome, cutest grandson” who is now seven years old. Her love for family is clearly evident as she continues to be close with her siblings, as well. Her parents just celebrated 56 years of marriage – sadly, Kenyetta’s dad just recently passed away.

In addition to her love for family, Kenyetta has always had a love for cooking, so after her kids were older, she switched careers. One thing led to another; she began cooking part-time in a kitchen and ended up starting her own catering business. Kenyetta bartends now – see if you can spot her at Lounge 42 sometime! She also continues to run her catering business: grad parties, weddings, and funerals – you name it, Kenyetta can cater it. Someday she’d love to have her own café, she commented – a place to cook and create. In the meantime, on top of cooking and bartending, Kenyetta continues to work part time at a law firm. Talk about a busy lady!

A woman of many talents, Kenyetta minored in music education. “I sing. And, my son is a drummer and my daughter plays sax. All my siblings sing and our children play instruments. When we all get together, if one starts singing, we all join in and that’s so normal to us.” This love of music is something she shares with our very own eggtc. barista, Greg Milliron.

In fact, Kenyetta gets along well with all the eggtc. staff and knows many of the regulars now as well! She enjoys stopping by eggtc. regularly, including when her boyfriend Charles visits from Texas. Check out Kenyetta’s Great Egg answers below!

Kenyetta’s Great Eggs Answers:

eggtc. has a variety of delicious omelets available in-store and for delivery!

Favorite breakfast? 3 cheese omelet + bacon.

I go to eggtc. when: As often as I can.

I like my eggs: Scrambled or over easy.

Waffles or pancakes? Waffles

For work: I cook + bartend.

But what I’d really like to do is: own a café.

I tell people my favorite movie is: Good Will Hunting

But it’s actually: Good Will Hunting

I like my coffee: with sugar and cream.

TV guilty pleasure: Bar Rescue: A Family Feud (They came to KC and featured two bars here, Kenyetta notes.)

Hometown: Kansas City, MO

Neighborhood: Inner city

I go to breakfast with: myself, sometimes friends.

My dream breakfast companion is: Will Smith and Cardi B.

Favorite eggtc. server? Probably Greg, Gabby, and Julie. Gabby is just a sweetheart, feisty little thing that treats me so well and we have good conversations. Julie is just the sweetest – I just love them. And Benny is just full of light, full of energy. Eyad and I are die hard Chiefs fans – I just love getting to know all of the staff.

Nobody knows I: can swear like a sailor, and I also sing.

Why eggtc.? It’s my favorite place to eat. I sit at the bar, get great service, food and fun. I know everyone and feel like family. I swear by this place. It’s the closest thing to home. Everyone is AMAZING! It’s one of my favorite places to go. I just hate they’re not open later on because I’d be there twice a day!

Thanks, Kenyetta, for being our featured Great Egg! We appreciate your years of community work, your fabulous cooking, and your incredible friendship!