IMG95201308089512493895095Vincent Parsons

1. Favorite Breakfast? Grits and eggs, over easy, with ham
2. I like to go to Eggtc. when…? Over lunch, usually
3. I like my eggs…? Over easy
4. Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes
5. For work I: Am an optometrist
6. But what I’d really like to do is: Be a nature photographer for National Geographic
7. I tell people my favorite movie is: Hmm… either Pulp Fiction or A Clockwork Orange
8. But it’s actually: The Karate Kid (original) or The Parent Trap (with Haley Mills)
9. I like my coffee: Cream, no sugar
10. TV guilty pleasure: Meteorite Men
11. Hometown: Lee’s Summit
12. Neighborhood: Near Lakewood
13. I go to breakfast  with: By myself, or with wife or daughter if I’m lucky
14. My breakfast dream companion is: The late photographer Andreas Feininger
15. Favorite eggtc. server: If I answer this I’ll hurt someone’s feelings
16. Nobody knows I: If nobody knows,  then I’d rather keep it that way
17. Why eggtc.? The people, definitely