Bill Gavilla

1. Favorite Breakfast?  Breakfast Pizza (among several others)
2. I like to go to Eggtc. when…? When i have a day off. Any weekend
3. I like my eggs…? over easy (which are done perfectly! ) HARD TO DO EVERY-TIME!!
4. Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes
5. For work I: Teach
6. But what I’d really like to do is: Travel. Finish my movie scripts
7. I tell people my favorite movie is: Casablanca
8. But it’s actually: Casablanca
9. I like my coffee: Blonde and Sweet
10. TV guilty pleasure: wwe wrestling- Hilarious and athletic
11. Hometown: New York City
12. Neighborhood: Shawnee
13. I go to breakfast  with: My wife
14. My breakfast dream companion is: Present-Heidi Klum past-Andrew Jackson
15. Favorite eggtc. server: MINE!!!!
16. Nobody knows I: Considered becoming a priest-before i found girls!!!
17. Why eggtc.? it has always been FAAAAAntastic- food and service!!!