More Than a Good Egg – A Great One!

If you’re an eggtc. regular, then you know we love getting to know all of our breakfast patrons. From time to time we ask one of our extra-special regular diners to complete a fun little questionnaire so we, and our other patrons, can learn more about them. These special customers are known from that point on as “Great Eggs” (while “good egg” may be the normal phrase and is a good thing, at eggtc. we recognize the true greatness of our customers, thus “Great Eggs”).

These Great Eggs are posted on the website, celebrated in social media, and honored for a month or more with their photo and answered questionnaire framed and installed in a place of honor at both eggtc. locations.

Say Hello to Tim Smith!

Do you regularly enjoy breakfast dining at the Shawnee eggtc. location? If so, you may have already met this cheerful, hardworking, and delightful “Great Egg.”

Who loves to go out and meet new people? Definitely Tim Smith. A favorite part of his dining out experience is being able to take his dogs to various patios around KC. One favorite spot of Tim’s is Minsky’s! “Good beer, good pizza – you can’t beat that anywhere,” he commented.”

So when, Tim discovered that Minsky’s owner, Gregg Johnson, had opened their sister restaurant, eggtc. — a breakfast lovers’ dream — Tim just had to check it out. “I used to work 11pm-7am, so when I got off work I went there. The service was great, and I started going back. The manager, Angela, was super nice. Once I asked her, ‘Do you have anything better than the beer you have now?’ and she introduced me to Minsky’s Burlesque Lager. And yeah, I just kept coming back. Every time I walk in, they see me and get my beer out; it’s great!”

Tim Smith – A Great Egg!

We asked Tim the questions we love to ask each of our regulars, and he had some pretty fun things to say. Keep reading – you’ll enjoy discovering these fun facts as much as we did!

Favorite breakfast? I love all the food. They offer specials so I don’t plan what I’m ordering until I get there. I like to take the staff’s recommendations. I do like the Lobster Bisque a lot. The omelets are good…I also get the oatmeal sometimes.

I go to eggtc. when…? When I’m not working! I go about noon because eggtc. gets so busy and usually by noon there’s some open parking and a spot at the bar for me.

I like my eggs…? Medium, Fried.

Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes, but I do get waffles now and then. I’m really not a picky eater.

For work: I’ve been working for SPX Cooling Technologies for around 17 years now.

But what I really like to do is: Go out and talk to people about the best places to eat. And I tell them, you can’t just go once and judge somebody — they may have a bad day. You have to visit a second time. I do talk to people about places; I post on Yelp and Instagram, and I share pictures.

I tell people my favorite movie is: Rio Lobo with John Wayne. Good classic. I like westerns and detective shows, too!

But it really is: Tom Sawyer with Johnny Whitaker and Jodie Foster. What people don’t know is that I was an extra in that movie. I was a fat little boy with red shorts running down the street for the picnic. And my dad played the old pump organ!

I like my coffee: with flavor! Irish cream, or even peanut butter (that one is a syrup at Dunkin).

TV guilty pleasure: Which one?! I do like CSI Las Vegas. And whenever Jerry Seinfeld comes on, even though I’ve seen the show, I still watch it.

Hometown: I was born in Trenton, New Jersey. I went to Lawson High School in Lawson, Missouri, and then lived in Topeka for several years before moving to Kansas City about 2000.

Neighborhood: Shawnee!

I go to breakfast with: Just me. Since eggtc. doesn’t have a patio, I can’t bring my dog. But, I do get to see the eggtc. servers and I get to meet new people!

My dream breakfast companion is…? Jane Seymour. I got to meet her up at NFM where she was signing her book. It was really nice to meet her – she was very pleasant.

Favorite eggtc. server? Angela, she’s the one who serves me my beer!

Nobody knows I… Used to hand-weave placemats on a four-harness loom.

Why eggtc.? Because I’ve traveled quite a bit, I’ve been to other places, and did not feel like they were as friendly. At eggtc., they really do care about you.

When he’s not working or sharing his food experiences, you can find Tim crushing goals at Cycle Bar or enjoying a good beer on a patio with his dogs. Or, who knows, maybe you’ll run into him at eggtc. — if so, be sure to say hi. We love our Great Eggs!


Thanks, Tim, for being one of our Great Eggs. We look forward to seeing you and we welcome
your cheerfulness with staff and customers alike!