Ever watch the morning news and wonder where our news anchors get all their energy? PicMonkey Collage

Have you been in to eggtc. lately and noticed you were sitting next to a local news anchor? Or saw their eggtc. pics on Twitter? We happen to know of at least three that enjoy our breakfast fare (no matter if it’s morning or after they’ve wrapped up for the day). We’re talking about JiaoJiao Shen from 41 Action News, Meteorologist Karli Ritter and news and traffic reporter Nick Vasos, both from Fox 4 News.

We recently interviewed them for our “Great Egg” feature, and got to know a little more about each of the eggtc. lovers.

Here’s a quick look at how they compare when it comes to their own “Breakfast of Champions”:


So, could pancakes be the key for energy? And how does JiaoJiao Shen get through the day without coffee? We’re not sure, but we know they all have one main thing in common: eggtc. Stop in today and see why we’ve been voted as “Best Breakfast and Brunch” by KC Magazine. Read more about each of the newscasters by clicking here.