Have you had the pleasure of receiving a nice latte surprise when visiting us?

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Meet Katelyn Jamison, a skilled Barista at eggtc. If you’ve ever sat at the Main Street counter, you’ve certainly chatted with Katelyn while waiting for or enjoying your favorite dish. Or maybe you’ve seen this photo of Katelyn displaying our “Best Breakfast and Brunch” award from KC Magazine last fall.

Regardless, you’ve likely ooohed and aaahed over her signature latte art! eggtc. is Katelyn’s first Barista job, and she says she learned different latte art skills from coworkers Blake, Gabby and Briana.

“We each have our own style, but I like to make little drawings in chocolate with a toothpick, especially animals like pandas and foxes.  I’m not a great artist, but people seem to appreciate the extra care taken to make something unique just for them, so I love to do it.  That’s part of what I love about eggtc, that I can be professional while still being myself and being a little bit creative.”

And if you’re curious what eggtc. dish fuels Katelyn’s creativity, that would be the Sicilian Breakfast Sandwich.

Here are just a few of Katelyn’s creations, but be sure to check her out on Twitter and Instagram #katelynisfamous

Stop in and see Katelyn today – be sure to request a creative cup!